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Angela Cook <> June 6, 2013 12:57pm To: *Princess Piglets

Princess Piglets

my new persona

because 1 is never enough!


doubly deflected seems to be the du jour of the day


breaking the 5th wall

i am sure will will send these back if you are not pleased


Angela Cook < June 8, 2013 9:39pm To: *oh, this is cool!

Angela Cook <> June 8, 2013 939pm To: *(No Subject)

i get that you think i am using you and you don't think well of my apparent arrogance. i'm ok with that, in you not understanding at this time, or anytime for that matter.

if you think i am using you, and there is no repartee, that is obviously your decision whether there is anything personal to be explored, or if you are taking something personal that wasn't intended. i cannot address it if i do not know.

i know my rightful limitations. if you want something personal with me, then sign up for it. or sign on to explore.

as it is, i would prefer to attempt that you know me without the seeming games, and yet you do not seem aware of what i am seeking from you, that i feel i can find. i tend to think you think that i am frivolous in my endeavors, and if that is the case, i would have to say i think you are missing the subtle point…  which points me in another direction. i am not certain, and my experience would instruct me to not assume appearances are thru and thru, meaning you may appear one way to me, and in actuality you are not. well, "not" is open-ended. what i intend to infer is toxic to me. politely put… "we could still be friends."

just saying, the reality is, some people make better company than others -- my sister and i understand this, and that is just the way it goes.

the fact of the matter is, i also think you pay for your relationships with women. i am not judging, just assessing that if that is so, there is a certain convenience factor that is anticipated. so,  in fact, my apparent game playing may be commensurate as it were, if you were "sensitive" to my game playing, but not on the -level- yourself.

there is a lot of cancerian about you, isn't there? and probably leo, too, because they get really miffed with apparent mean sounding language. i strongly suspect there is scorpio and an air sign: libra?

i can only hope that i really bug you proper, everywhere you deserve it.

Angela Cook <> June 9, 2013 11:26pm To: *from Angela

what do you think so far?!

Good morning, Angela:

My name is Susan Hasson.  I am the woman for whom you were going to make sailboat cushions.  I understand that you may not be able to finish the project after all.  Please let me know where we can pick up the materials so that we can get someone else to finish them.  Please know that time is of the essence as we have a launch scheduled for June 22.  If you prefer that I contact your attorney, please provide his/her contact information.

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter.




Good Morning,

The fact of the matter is I am refusing to complete the work due to Paul's overbearing, withering, and obdurate manner regarding me on the job site. Please let Paul know, as I suspect he is truing his obdurate course, that I am entitled to receive payment for my work with him in the trades: It has been over 2 weeks now and going on 3!  Additionally, placing a mechanics lien on his clients is fully within my capability, even in spite of his withholding, I do have $15 to spend to make this happen in lieu of his recent "efforts." Please extend my ironic thanks in his thinking so kindly of the people that cater to his prominent body of work, (and cater ignominiously, they must! or Paul will likely think They are the "meritorious-magpie") that he does not apparently consider them a value at all to factor into his work i.e. by considering to pay them IN A TIMELY MANNER where money, like time itself, is of merit in self-same measure. It would be a nice consideration before considering his next trip to NYC, tickets to a venue he wants to see, upgrades to his social media so that he can tweet ever more effectively to his followers that "The fly of (his) pants is down at Bank America" and enlisting you to do the work of protecting your interests thru him, which "work" is being made up in the first place… perhaps so that you can be seen as a redeeming value to foster his squinty-eyed needs. 

All said, if you would like to discuss my work with you, outside of Paul's tempestuous withholding, in that he is withholding what is mine from me no longer, either forcibly supplied by the law or in twisted commensurate measure, you may do so. Unfortunately, be it known and understood at this time, If I complete your work, and I want to get paid by Paul, "Magnanimously" following Paul's lead in regarding my most recent past efforts, and as he would have me do in order to "show" my regard for him and thus you, et al, in "self-same" measure, I would have to complete the work, irredeemably trump up and reverse the "charge" in process, and THEN put a mechanics lien on you for not paying thru the nose as I disparage and withhold what is rightfully yours to begin with, for not walking a straight line with me and my exacting hog-tieing efforts, which is easily done, as Paul has already demonstrated "the way," and similarly will I, by turning my back on the fiction of my existence among you. The outcome of course, will vary from person to "person", and that is for a reason, I for one cannot underestimate.

Exercising the option to leave your work left undone, Paul can wither on the vine of the construct of his own self-manifesting perpetual disregard for others that desire/d to serve him in an upright manner (as it behooves the very function of one's spine inside their caucus of being, usually without foreboding question). In this, you do understand he is holding onto my money for my good work completed aka the means he profits by my living apparently in (his vain) process, as your materials to manifest your desire in reality (and thru me), sit inert "commensurately." <You cannot tell me that as a woman, you do not know on a gut level what I am instinctively talking about.> This is because he is actually dependent upon the reality of me for the ground he stands upon, as an apparent living, breathing, industrious, self-sufficient and admirably self-possessed in his own right, creative force in and of himself, but "Wants" to be seen in his "Magnanimousness" as if I am really dependent upon him for those "self/same" virtues, which SURREPTITIOUSLY doesn't include, once my apparent livelihood is handed-over / or shall I say "Bestowed"?, the commensurate autonomy to fly, rough-shod and remorselessly Conjunction-Junction-Style, by the seat of my free-willy pants as I willy-nilly please with anyone and everyone and In Any FREAKING Way I Desire! … What he "Wants" is an inverse and understatement of grandest proportion (and, by the way, he doesn't want to pay for it Personally).

Ever the drama queen of his own making, what Paul needs to forthrightly address is my right to be paid, with the consideration of doing so in a timely manner, even though that time has past, as he terminated that working relationship when he uncorked remorselessly his Warrior Princess of Personal Ignominy and Tyranny, because an exterior trim board I primed around the edges, per Paul's request, was in the throw away wood pile. Attempts to reason that the trim board could blatantly and with little effort, be retrieved, revived or redeemed (as there are plenty of planks to choose from in this world that Paul can apparently fashion for his liking, even in his own image because he is Apparently That Talented and Capable, and we must fit Deserving by the inherent Nature of his Entitlement in there somewhere, less I be a miss) only served to assault his senses, as he promulgated convincingly his errant position of authority by growing louder and presumably more confident in his erect and underserved stance. His terror reigned down on me to apologize, Apologize! APOLOGIZE!!!! For IT! and that my actual thinking out loud, for why I resourcefully worked on the trim board where I did, (on my break, mind you, which I didn't get), came with the solitary retort, that (my thinking / with consideration for scope and contextual limitations per the job site) was not good enough. The actual delivery pompously went like this: "That's Not Good Enough!" with an exhale like a sword edge of Disgust and lingering acidic haste, and then the unceasing demands to Apologize for "It!" as if reigned down from Zeus or some other Junkie-Thunder-Carrying-God from the Heavens, which as you must surely know, Paul likes to position himself to shine among the battery operated twinkley-stars, on stage, as THE BRIGHTEST. As it were, Paul's force of expression was WAY out of proportion to the (newly requested to take a "break" with him) "fan base" as it was just me, myself and I, and Ryan, the new guy, and I wasn't buying Paul's "it" in triplicate. I wasn't buying the need for it, and so I asked Paul, very jocularly, why he was going on like a woman? as I am comfortable in my own right.

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